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Making 'Rain' in the "Next Normal"

A year ago, we were introduced to the “Rainmakers” who shared with us their secrets for sales success in the channel. A year later, and now everything about how we engage with our marketplace has changed. See how this change impacts the way we find customers, form...

2021-05-12 Business Growth

Building a Predictable Revenue Growth Engine

The last year injected a high level of unpredictability into our business world as we’ve had to navigate lock downs, the pivot to digital, and uncertainty about the health of our customer base. But what if we could bring predictability back into your business to...

2021-05-12 Business Growth

Going beyond the “time of crisis”

A year ago businesses went into crisis mode as we locked down and quarantined with what nobody could have predicted as a long-term business shift to a mostly virtual environment. The managed services provider needed to implement new sales and marketing strategies to...

2021-05-12 Business Growth

It’s time to “rip off the Band-Aid” and transform your selling process

The channel has had a comfortable sales process that has served the industry well over the years by assessing the services companies use, striving to reduce cost and increase efficiency. However, as companies need to come up with a strategy to blend a remote and...

2021-05-12 Business Growth

Is anyone out there? The secrets of getting on your selling partner's radar

You’ve made the decision to launch into the channel, have competitive technology and an awesome commission structure. You’ve even managed to get on the provider list of a few master agents. But despite your best efforts to get sellers to notice you, it’s like...

2021-05-13 Business Growth

Selling More with Less: Is it time to Makeover Your Sales Organization?’

Over the past year, we’ve seen the need to redefine our selling processes to compensate for our inability to meet face to face with high-value prospects. Sales organizations had to do a hard pivot to adjust to this all-digital selling environment, but now that...

2021-05-13 Business Growth

Growing Your Business through Partnerships

Microsoft brings great products, support and marketing development funds to the table, but it's up to the MSP to create a strategy to capitalize on those resources to build their business. Join Sherman Crancer from the Crancer Group and Helane Cohen from Microsoft to...

2021-05-13 Business Growth

Direct your intuition from what you think you should sell into what your customers are actually ready to purchase next

You’ve built a base of customers that you’ve sold services to and now it’s time to grow revenue by going back to the base and selling more. You think you know what they’ll be interested in, but how valuable would it be to accurately predict their next purchases...

2021-05-13 Business Growth

How to reach decision makers at the exact moment they’re ready to switch MSPs

People only buy when they're ready to buy. Yet the MSP sales cycle is so long... how do you know when that is? Join MSP marketing expert Paul Green for this brand new content, created exclusively for Cloud Conventions 2021. And you'll discover clever marketing that...

2021-05-14 Business Growth

Is there a pathway to Channel Harmony? Discovering the secrets to the perfect marriage between a direct and channel sales organization.

For years, organizations have wanted to accelerate their route to the marketplace through both a direct and channel sales effort. But inevitably that route has been paved with potholes when competing interests, channel conflict and confusion makes it difficult to get...

2021-05-14 Business Growth